Applying to SURF L&S, Rose Hills, Math Team & UROC

The application cycle for SURF is now closed. SURF 2023 applications will be available in December 2022.

 The following information from the SURF 2022 cycle is for reference only.
Below you will find links to the materials to prepare your application. When you are ready to submit your application, please click on the blue application portal. 

Please Note: In order to access the application materials (both the portal and worksheets), you must login from a bMail ( account.

Application Worksheets

  • Applicants for Rose Hills use this worksheet to prepare an application.
  • Applicants for SURF Math Team use this worksheet to prepare an application.

Faculty Recommendation Portal

Please Note: For your application to be considered complete, your faculty mentor will have to fill out a brief form and upload their letter of recommendation. Applicants are responsible for sending the link the Faculty Recommendation Portal to their mentors. Applications will be considered incomplete without a letter of recommendation.

Application Checklist:

  • Attend a SURF Information Session (if you missed the info sessions, you can still access the slides)
  • Review the eligibility criteria (see the Fellowships tab)
  • Prepare a draft of the application, using a worksheet (linked above)
  • Send a draft of your proposal to your faculty mentor along with a link to the Faculty Recommendation Portal, where they will submit their letter of recommendation.
  • Submit your application via the Application Portal