Alexandra Dubinin

ILC2 Colonization and Asthma Predisposition

Respiratory infections in infancy are known to increase the risk of developing asthma in later life. One possible explanation is that viral infections during vulnerable periods of development alter immune cell establishment leading to lifelong changes favoring asthma. My research involves tracking the developmental pattern of a particular immune cell, ILC2, with the hope of identifying targets to mitigate viral-induced asthma predisposition. I will use fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry to define when the critical developmental window occurs and what cells and molecules are involved.

Message to Sponsor

I am deeply grateful to the Banatao Foundation for such an amazing experience. It has given me a new perspective on medical research, and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by so many incredible scientists. Thank you for making it possible.
  • Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Mentor: Ari Molofsky