David Noble

Post-transcriptional regulation is vital for cell survival and proliferation in diverse environments, but little is understood about the underlying regulatory networks or their mechanisms. Regulation of mRNA expression is an essential process in cells that involves RNA binding proteins targeting mRNAs to change their localization, expression, and stability. These RNA binding proteins do not act in isolation; they are often involved in various pathways that also regulate their function. Our lab group has designed and performed numerous high-throughput screens to collect data about genes and proteins involved in post-transcriptional regulation on the genomic level in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. One such screen is a CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) screen, which inactivates genes on a genome-wide scale to reveal how each target gene affects a specific biological process, such as the activity of a particular RNA binding protein. The goal of my project is to synthesize the data from these high-throughput screens, formulate a […]

Jesse Clements

New technologies such as police body cameras and deepfake algorithms have recently put questions of photographys value as evidence in the spotlight. However, photographic technologies have been part of the courtroom since the mid-nineteenth century. This project turns to the emergence of photography and cinema as evidentiary tools in the courtroom in an attempt to uncover the preconditions of our current moment of mediated justice. I will assist my graduate student mentor in advancing the larger project by constructing a newspaper archive for significant early court cases involving moving-image evidence, seeking to answer the question of how film entered American courtrooms. This will involve writing summaries of cases, compiling timelines of events, and identifying significant characters. The work will initially draw from campus collections and online newspaper databases. There will also be the opportunity to undertake further research at other local institutions in the Bay Area and Sacramento.