SURF Rose Hills Independent

The application deadline for SURF 2022 is March 1st, 2022.

 For those of you thinking of applying for summer 2022, we strongly encourage you to do all of the following this fall and winter:

Application Preparation:

  • Attend one of our SURF info sessions
  • Closely read through this website so that you fully understand the eligibility requirements and the fellowship commitment for the specific SURF program you are applying to
  • Beginning in January, make an appointment with the appropriate SURF advisor to discuss your application. 
  • Discuss your plans with prospective faculty sponsors as soon as possible and determine who will sponsor your research and write your letter of recommendation
  • If you are a STEM student in L&S and you also meet the eligibility requirements of Rose Hills Independent, you can apply to both programs. You will only need to apply once – the application enables you to check a box indicating you are applying to both programs. 
  • If your project involves human subjects research, it may require approval from the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS). Click here to learn more and begin preparing  for CPHS review. Students conducting human subjects research should prepare to have their finalized research protocols ready for CPHS review by April 18th, 2022.

SURF Rose Hills Independent Application Instructions:  

  • Download the “SURF Research Proposal Form” found below. This form will be available in November. As you work on this proposal form you should discuss it with your research mentor. Ultimately, the form will be saved as a PDF and uploaded as part of your application. 
  • You will have to be logged into UC Berkeley Bmail (your campus email account) to see and use the link. Use this link to submit your completed application including relevant information and upload the required documents that we request. 
  • Make sure you have sent the recommendation form to your research supervisor well in advance of the deadline, and make sure that they know in detail: your proposal and what program you are applying for. Their deadline is the same as the program deadline.

Letter of Recommendation Instructions:  

  • Your faculty research sponsor must be a UC Berkeley faculty member (Professor or Lecturer) who will be appointed through Fall 2022. 
  • Send your faculty research supervisor the following link to the recommendation form and let them know it is due March 1st, 2022: this form is available here.
  • Your research sponsor’s letter should address: 1) Research Question and Design: Does the proposal ask an interesting question and is it well designed to answer that question? Is it independent research? 2) Timeline: Can the project outlined be realistically completed in the timeline proposed? 3) Faculty Guidance: Is the faculty member willing to guide this student’s research? Faculty sponsors should be available by phone or email during the summer. 4) Faculty knowledge of this student’s ability to complete assignments responsibly, and sponsor’s confidence in student’s ability to solve problems they might encounter in this project.

Application Checklist:  

  • One letter of recommendation submitted by a UC Berkeley faculty member (Professor or Lecturer) who will be appointed through Fall 2022
  • One research proposal, in pdf format
  • Your UC Berkeley transcript, in pdf format. You may submit either official or unofficial transcripts.