The application deadline for SURF 2022 is March 1st, 2022.

 For those of you thinking of applying for summer 2022, we strongly encourage you to do all of the following this fall and winter:

Application Preparation:

  • Attend one of our SURF info sessions
  • Closely read through this website so that you fully understand the eligibility requirements for SURF, and the specifications for the specific SURF-SMART project you are applying to
  • Beginning in January, make an appointment with the appropriate SURF advisor to discuss your application 
  • You may not apply to other SURF applicant pools if you are applying to SURF-SMART

SURF-SMART Application Instructions: 

  • You will indicate on the application form which project you are applying to.
  • Download the SURF-SMART Application Essay prompt (available below in early 2022). As you work on this essay you should discuss it with a trusted guide and/or SURF staff member. Ultimately, it will be saved as a PDF and uploaded as part of your application. 
  • Upload your CV or resume to the SURF-SMART application form. You will have to be logged into UC Berkeley Bmail (your campus email account) to see and use the link. Use this link to submit your completed application including relevant information and upload the required documents that we request.  
  • You are not required to submit a letter of recommendation with your application. 

Application Checklist:  

  • Complete SURF-SMART Application form, which includes an uploaded essay, in pdf format (the essay is written using the prompt included below)
  • Your CV or resume, in PDF format

SURF-SMART project listings and the application essay prompt will be available in early 2022.